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It's as simple as that. Special Springs wire die springs, nitrogen gas springs, delay systems, nitrogen punch unit and nitrogen manifolds are precision engineered to last longer and perform better – resulting in a measurable reduction in the cost per cycle over the life of the spring.

Based in northern Italy and recognized for our innovation and quality, Special Springs is a trusted designer, manufacturer and distributor of stamping products. Manufacturing engineers throughout the world specify our ISO Standard products.  Safety Features Brochure (PDF)

Special Springs' North American headquarters and distribution center near Detroit, Michigan, inventories ready-to-ship wire and gas punching products available for immediate delivery throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Special Springs Nitrogen Gas Springs Safety Standards

VW-Audi has recently implemented the safety features for nitrogen cylinders in its own standards of product according to the VDI 3003 Part 1 - nitrogen gas springs in large stamping and forming dies - safety instructions for usage.

In detail this means the VW-Audi allows to supply ONLY nitrogen cylinders equipped with active safety features for: uncontrolled return of the piston rod, over stroke and over pressure (which Special Springs named OSAS, USAS and OPAS).

This important novelty leads all customers to pay the best attention when ordering nitrogen cylinders for VW-Audi projects as is specified in their product standards: 39D 838, 39D 997, 39D878.

For a long time Special Springs has been manufacturing and supplying nitrogen cylinders with safety features complying with VDI3003.

We kindly invite all customers to:
~ double-check if the requested supply of nitrogen cylinders is for VW-Audi projects.
~ send immediate order to Special Springs for prompt supply of cylinders with safety features for VW-Audi in all cases of the requested cylinders.

We expect this safety trend to be followed by more European manufacturers and eventually the American market. Why go with anyone else? Special Springs nitrogen cylinders have safety you can trust.

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